C’est la vie

The city sparkled like diamonds against the canvas of black velvet sky, sirens wail into the dark winter night as a train thunders by. Bare trees stand in silence, a bird sings of life, leaves clutter the paths as a man hurries past. The heart of the city hums, electric energy engulfs all, the lonely night rumbles on. Soon the sun will rise, casting early morning rays, people battle time as another night will pass, escaping our grasp.

I sit in the dimly lit room, lanterns hang above, open windows welcome a soft breeze; it dances with silk drapes, they drift with ease.

Wasted time should be a sin, there is not a moment where we cannot be inspired, cannot learn and cannot grow. The most valuable lessons are often painful, yet the seduction of life still pulls us in. As blossoms grow in soft spring sun, seasons change, as does life.

In moments of darkness light still peaks through, just as dark can engulf all lightness. I am inspired by beauty, true beauty. The beauty of nature, of emotions and expression, the beauty that lies within the mind, and within nature. Consciousness.

I have talked on and on, about simple pleasures and inspiration. I hope to encapsulate in my writing all that a photographer captures in a single click of a camera, and to help inspire others to breath the beauty of life, and accept that beauty and ugly come hand in hand.

Life is not just about luxury and the finer things, these things do not complete us. No man, or expensive toy will fill a ‘gap’ and until one reconnects with their essence and learns to appreciate themselves life will not flow.

Too many people hurry by in the daze of reality and mixed within dreams.

The dark night now enchants the clock, as time ticks on.

Until next time my darlings…



Rain falls drowning the streets, hitting the windows as a tear does a cheek. The distant murmur of the city is heard, as heavy drops strike the cobble stone paths. The sun does not shine in the bleak sky, as the grey abyss stretches far; a crisp breeze caresses the blossoms, as they delicately sway. Inside incense casts its spell throughout the rooms and the silent morning is broken as music drifts by. Wild flowers sit in a vase next to a candle, it flickers against the wall. In the kitchen a tap is dripping whilst perfume enchants its way through the hall.

Days go by quickly in the greying sky; tomorrow will not be like today… Change is the only constant and the ticking of time never changes. Lately life has been rather slow, yet oh so busy; I have been walking the fine line between ease and chaos, internally and externally. Seasons pass and blossoms are born. Time to turn a new page.

Taking a stroll down Paddington, it’s hard to miss Valerie Tolosa. Standing out in Paddington is not an easy task either, with its eclectic mix of cafes, designers and weekly markets, yet with a shopfront that will enchant any beating heart, Valerie Tolosa does just that; with a balcony decorated in a floral arrangement (bottom and top floor) and well-dressed tailor mannequins… I don’t blame tourists for taking photos.

As you step in, heels tap the wooden floorboards, a delicious scent engulfs you. A boudoir, filled with gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories, inviting you in to a fantasy of feminine flirts and delicate details. Shoes line the floor, necklaces climb up walls and clothes hang gracefully in slumber. A true little hideaway in the bustling city streets.

It’s hard to find something I do not yearn for, as my eyes gaze the racks. From a little sequined number to a fresh take on a LBD, I am utterly spoilt for eye candy. Valerie Tolosa not only stocks her own designs, she also stocks gorgeous shoes that will make you drool. If you finally manage to pick something, a gorgeous sales assistant will help you on your way

Rain now pours from the sky, thundering and deafening. I turn music louder, as I sip a coffee in the dimly lit room. As the hours rush by, traffic rumbles past and people hurry.

– “Do not quench your inspiration and imagination” To appreciate, be more conscious and take in all the beauty there is on offer are some of the hardest skills to develop, yet are the most rewarding.
– Surround yourself with things you find inspiring, be it ribbons and lace or petals and people. Once you find something you love, pursue it.
– No matter the weather, dress well and wear something you feel good in.
– Sit at a café and people watch. It is one of the cheapest forms of therapy and a sure way to be inspired.
– Scribble in a notebook your feelings at a precise second. That second will never come again.
– Take photos of things you find along your path, store them somewhere, be it a computer or scrap book.
– Never let yourself be drowned in that sea of emotions, learn to swim.
– Start something that you have been meaning to do, today is better than any other day.
– Do not battle against life, let yourself be swept along.
– Smile, you’re beautiful.

Until Next time darlings…

Petite Update

A dark shadow engulfed the room as the sun set, casting its light through open windows. The city hums whilst traffic thunders by, bare trees sway gracefully in winters breath.. The violent sky threatens rain as people hurry past, heels tap against cobble stone paths. A car horn beeps, people chatter, I sip a coffee as cutlery clatters. Past me stumbles an old man, asking for smokes, in the distance a man laughs comically. A lady begs for money with a dog in a pram, someone gives her money; the coin hits the tin can.

People appear to be rather busy, rushing by always off to somewhere of great importance. Quite often they are going nowhere, they are simply stuck in time, a fast paced beat, a daze of reality. As a man hurries past in the crowded city streets, autumn’s leaves flutters down from trees, a waiter drops a plate and a child screams. It’s amazing how much some people miss.

The weekend is finally here, which means café visits and lazy afternoons. Until next time my darlings…


Trees sway gracefully, whilst children squeal with delight, the murmur of the city can be heard in the distance and lazy blossoms slumber in the soft afternoon sun. A lady walks by, her heels tapping against the cobble stone path, a single car thunders past. Music floats through the room, out the open doors and windows, my perfume (Miss Dior Cherie) flutters beside me as a dragonfly does a pond.

A lazy afternoon, spent running little errands, sipping coffees and remembering life, despite the hardships and stress, is truly beautiful and oh so confusing.

Beautiful packaging is one of those things for me, a fetish, or a love you may say. Whether it be beautiful papers, ribbons and bows or a cleverly designed box, it will surely wrap me in its beauty.
When you couple that with a product to match, you have me sold. For me half the selling is done through packaging, if not more.
Which is precisely the reason Mor is one of those little luxuries for me, taking you from the sometimes dull world we live in and placing you in a feminine dream full of boudoir ready products.

From their vast range of products its hard to find a favourite, from gorgeous lip macarons (lip balm) to hand creams and body oil, perfume to body butter and candles, you will be spoilt for choice. Here is a little look at my most coveted items;

•Body Butter; Creamy, luxurious and absolutely delicious, the way body butter should be. Packaged exquisitely teamed with a little bow to tie things up, it is the perfect decoration for any boudoir dressing table. Only thing left to do is decide which scent i want! Candied Vanilla almond or black cherry plum, anyone?
•Candles; This divine range of candles will compliment any sophisticated space, and turn your home into a luxuriously relaxing hide away. Candles flickering against a wall is one those little lives pleasures, ‘travel on a sensory journey’.
•Perfume Oil; I never leave the house without a spritz of perfume, with these gorgeous, petite perfume oils it is easy to carry it around in even the smallest of bags. These uniquely feminine fragrances rejuvenate and stimulate senses, and are simply gorgeous.
•Soap; It is simply so beautiful you would never want to use it, until the wonder of how it feels lures you in. Packaged (like everything else) magnificently and completely edible, Mor soap really is a sight to see.. and smell.

I could scribble on about their vast range of gorgeous and oh so feminine products, although it will be a long post and I really advise you to check out their website to see for yourself the pure devine-ness (is that a word?) of it all.

The sun is now setting and birds sing of love and life, I sip a coffee and glance at the mirror opposite… There is something quite romantic in taking time out for yourself, to indulge yourself. Even the simple task of applying make up should be treasured, the beautiful pinks of powdered blush, the deep, ink black of eye liner. Take the time to run a bath, light some candles and let soft music play. Treasure and pamper yourself, and please remember what a beautiful, sexy woman you are, naturally. For I do feel in today’s world, many have forgotten what true femininity and sexuality is (and I am not talking body shape). Never feel embarrassed to indulge yourself..


Until Next time darlings…
(which i promise wont be as long as last time)

Un, Duex, Trois…

“Cathedral bells chimed and the city hummed whilst cars thundered by, a crisp breeze danced with leaves as my heels tapped against the cobble stone path. Perfume fluttered around me as a dragonfly does a pond and the smell of freshly baked bread wondered from patisserie. A bed of white flowers gracefully swayed as they bathed in the morning sun, I simply cannot see the point of wasting a day like this.”

I pulled open the glass door that towered above me, and was welcomed by the murmurs of conversation and an excited child scream, rich coffee lingered in the air. A gracious waiter welcomed us, and luckily we were seated rather quickly despite the business. Brasserie Bread is an Australian based, award winning patisserie that specialisizes in Artisan breads, pasteries and cakes (which is perfect for the sweet toothed carb lover like me). The Café itself is located in a classic industrial warehouse with a wall of towering glass windows.

Once we were seated at a large wooden table, we now had an enormous task on our hands, with an extensive range of yummy cakes, generously portioned breakfasts and delicious coffees, what were we going to have first?

Their signature Sourdough Pancakes with Stewed berries and honeycomb cream was my selection for breakfast. The sourdough pancakes were light and airy, not quite crepes and certainly not thick american styled packes, they were quite perfect. Brilliant pinks covered my plate contradicting the honeycomb cream, resulting in a very delcious peice of edible art.Followed by a mocha, which was lovely and creamy (though the second one was rather bitter with little chocolate). We also had some cakes to finish with; raspberry and pistachio friands, (an amazing) chocolate brownie and a orange and walnut friand… which were all simply to die for.

Over all, if you have a love for all things carbs and sweet related, it’s definatley worth the stop! I will be coming back plenty more times, to try out the rest of their their extensive range! ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

The night now is calm, above the sky is a vast canvas of black ink and the moon seems so far away. Lately I have been on a search, a search that has made me a woman possesed and obsessed with finding the Perfect pair of shoes. The usual search for such a lady as myself, when it comes to material possessions that is. Whilst I am aware that perfection does not exist, and imperfection is truly perfection, for this little search that mind set will simply not do.

Shoes; Whilst my eyes carefully prowl the line up of beauties before my eyes, I am immediately drawn to a pair of light blue heels, bows up the front with stunning straps across. I slide my foot into one, though just as I do my eyes focus on gorgeous black suede boots, knee high with a lovely heel… “Could I also try those one” I ask the sales assistant as she gives me that ‘I understand your pain’ smile. After leaving the shop feeling rather unsatisfied I stumbled across another gorgeous selection of equally gorgeous shoes. Pinks, lilacs and reds lure me in and the promise of my girlish fantasy being completed brings complete joy to my heart (oh how vapid i can be). After another half hour of wonder I leave yet again, the choices being truly overwhelming to my hungry stomach. My search continues…

Until next time my darlings…

Be Right Back.. Sorting through emotions.

Oui, je suis…

Incense casts its spell in the dimly lit bedroom, lanterns hang above the bed and a soft breeze blows through the open window, silk curtains dance while music softly plays. The night is cold and rain falls from the clouds, the sky is but a vast canvas of black ink and tonight the moon seems so far away.

Since I last wrote to you my life has been a daze of reality and dreams, losing my feet and stumbling, then finding my balance again. Time seems to have escaped my reality, as sleepless nights welcome sleepless days,life sometimes seems like a blur of colours,sounds and shadows.

I sip peppermint tea, the honey infused aroma drifts under my nose. I do feel that many people are like shadows, drifting into your life on their journey, showing you but an outline of their true self. For they too are searching and they too are unclear and often confused. The funny thing about shadows is when you see them clearer they often disappear,and darken into the backdrop of life.

We are all on a journey to find our essence, while at times it seems to be oh so important to connect with another, often the most fulfilling connection is the one with yourself. I sit alone, sipping my tea and listen to my boyfriend talk on the phone, I turn my music up and gaze through the French doors opposite me into the dark night, reconnecting with oneself can sometimes feel like searching for a diamond deep underground. The path of life often takes you down back alleys and winding roads, from which you gain (or I prefer to say) reconnect with the self that was already there, just lost.

Lingerie; The ultimate statement of femininity. Who said it needs to be for a special occasion, or a special someone? Walking around the house in silk panties, slipping a cashmere jumper over a soft, pink bra… J’adore.
Notebooks; A beautiful notebook catches my eye and ignites my imagination. There is something so romantic about taking time out, to yourself and scribble down your thoughts.
Teacups; I must admit, I collect teacups. Vintage ones, beautiful china ones with matching saucers…. I simply love them, not to mention my fetish for peppermint tea with honey.
Candles; The flickering candle light as it dances across the wall is oh so relaxing.
Cakes&Chocolate; Need I really say anymore…?
Petals; ‘Flowers are loves truest language’. Petals are something I gain buckets full of inspiration from, roses in particular. Nature produces the most stunning, rich colours. I always make sure I have fresh flowers in the house.
Art; No moment is more filled with oppertunities the moment a paintbrush hits a canvas.
Scrapbooks; I collect all things inspiring to me, they can be found through out my house. Scrapbooks have always and forever will be, my favourite way of storing photographs and pictures that inspire me.
Architecture; Beautiful, classic and historical buildings to be more precise.

Life; To be honest my list could go on. Life is truly the most inspirational thing of all, as it gives us limitless inspiration everywhere we look through the emotions and the journey, all the smiles and tears. Remember ma chérie (Mon chéri) there is no ugly without beauty, and no beauty without ugly.

Until next time my darlings


“Jazz music plays in the old cafe, traffic thunders by outside as a soft breeze blows through the open balcony doors, the late afternoon sun sets, casting its last light through the windows. The walls painted a deep crimson red flake slightly at the corners and a chandelier hangs from the ornate ceiling. As I sit in a scarlet red chair facing the balcony I watch others. Two women chat amongst themselves cigarettes in hand, a man reads a newspaper, glasses precariously placed at the end of his nose and a distinct young man types on his laptop, looking around occasionally. At this moment a young waitress places a mocha on my table, the man with the glasses turns the page of his newspaper and the next track of jazz starts to play” – Back dated Diary entry 15/5/11

Its been over a week since I last wrote to you, a week that has seen more scribbles to my notebook and sighs of irritation as words seem to fall apart. My rooms current state of mess perfectly echoes the state of my mind, paper scribbled on and thrown in a heap, books piled dangerously close to the edge of a shelf, my silk curtains half hanging off the rail and clothes lay where they were taken off. My bed bare and a simple white blanket covers the mattress, above my bed lanterns hang, the only thing untouched by my wrath of emotions. My boyfriends clothes in one corner and mine in another, which to seems to show the void I feel with him at times. Yet all must keep going as I sort my room out one hurt and smile at a time.

I sit now in a darkening room as the sun sets behind me; I take a sip of coffee and gaze at my reflection in the mirror opposite. I lean over the table and pick up a slim glass bottle, in the fading light the liquid inside appears a brown, with a deep orange tinge, I spray the perfume on my wrist. Perfume hovers around me as a dragonfly does a pond, ‘this must be the new cologne he was talking about’ I think.
Perfume can be a snapshot in time, a memory and a reminder of someone dear and can linger in the imagination long after gone. I have never really stuck to one ‘signature’ perfume, I am still searching for myself, and as I change and grow as a person, my perfume follows. My long time affair with Miss Dior Cherie is still going strong, as the bottle is simply gorgeous. Some days I wear a sweet floral and other days I opt for my partner’s manly, yet oh so sensuous cologne.

My great grandmother was a channel no5 girl and its elegant, intense scent brings me back to sneaking around her wardrobe, trying on her collection of shoes and eating her lipstick (oui, as a child it was one of my favourite past times, my poor mother)
Perfume bottles themselves have a certain charm about them, whether detailed and ornate or simple and clean cut, their presence screams femininity.

The scent of chocolate floating through the air however, is a pleasure that no amount of perfectly detailed bottles could encase.
Chocolate for me is a love and a passion, an affair. Delicately hand crafted chocolate is quite simply one of the truest pleasures in the world for one to enjoy and marvel in. I can and often do, spend countless hours trekking the streets of various different cities, in different countries searching for a boutique chocolate shop, where I can indulge my senses.

Quite recently my partner and I spontaneously visited Canberra for the day, after waking up at 5am and deciding there was nothing to do, we started the 4 hour drive down to Canberra (stopping at a highway McDonalds for breakfast, for pure novelty.) On our day trip which included looking around NewActon Nishi , a new design architect project (we had gone to the presentation, where the developer and architect, who is a friend of a friend, spoke about their newest project) which is said to bring nature to urban living and features a movie theatre, cafes and an amazing hotel concierge service for all residences, we also went to Koko Black, where my chocolate fetish was very much satisfied.

I ordered for both of us, a hot chocolate in milk and one in dark chocolate, and a homemade chocolate brownie, drizzled in chocolate (with an additional melted chocolate shot) and vanilla bean ice cream. Believe me Ma chérie (mon cheri) if you are ever in Canberra go to Koko Black, while you are there you can check out the very trendy and newly developed shopping centre and the countless eateries!
People who know me, can perfectly describe the delight on my face as I bite into some kind of chocolate, it is as some say, the face of pure happiness.
Perfume and chocolate go hand in hand for me, in their ability to show the finer details and a silent beauty, that at times the many seems to hurry past in the quest to find bigger and better. Nothing is more feminine than the lasting scent of ones perfume or the way a finely handcrafted chocolate can add a simple, gorgeous indulgence in a, at times, rather mundane world.

Until Next time Darlings…

J’en Connais ..

I sat next too an ice rink as a young girl practiced ice skating, she wore a red tulle skirt that danced around her as she gracefully tumbled and got back up. Her black leotard tied around her tiny waist by a pink bow, she giggled as she folowed her instructor tip toeing on the ice.

A crisp breze blows through the open window and the suns last light pours in, white, silk drapes gently sway while the music plays. As seasons pass, memories stir, the winters breath reminds me of so much. Walking down cobble stone paths, as the frozen wind burns my skin, clutching firmly a coffee,with feelings engulfing me. It feels like a lifetime ago, different people and a different country, I can’t believe it was only last year. One thing that hasnt changed however is my overflowing feelings engulfing me, that is my constant. (Which I certainly don’t view as a negative)

Times change and time changes people, it is inevitable. As I sit missing times, that while experiencing them i wished gone, I realise every moment is perfect. Every ounce of pain, of laughter, of beauty and ugliness, is perfect.

My late grandmother is an inspiration, to the very last moment that breast cancer gripped her she remained, elegant, imaginative, artistic and above all honest to herself. I experienced her pain as her hands refused to let her grip a paintbrush, the way her petite body bloated and above all the way her beautiful blond hair fell. She was was one of the ladies whom inspired me with elegance and true femininity.
Money can not buy class and a person is either naturally elegant or not. Elegance cannot be sold or bought.
Elegance is not simply the way someone dresses, it is the way they walk, the way ones lives and holds themselves and the books one read. I am not American and find the ‘American’ view of beauty quite vulgar in all its ‘perfection’, simply go on a tumblr page (many of them anyway) and behold an array of plastic.
Above all the message I recieved from my grandmother was, be true to yourself. Others will follow if they want to. I spent many summers and springs catching frogs by her pond as she watched me, drew me and enjoyed the frogs, I spent many winters and autumns watching the pond become frozen and hoping a frog may jump up for my enjoyment. Much of me, was found in that garden, catching frogs and naming them, picking raspberries and eating them, my essence if you like.

I believe that for a woman elegance and staying true to your essence comes hand in hand, it is what creates true femininity.

◆Feel beautiful.
◆Makeup is there to enhance your beauty, look after your skin and keep things minimal. Focus on either your eyes or lips, and please, find a foundation that suits you if you choose to wear it.
◆Look after yourself, indulge yourself and appreciate yourself.
◆Eat Good food

If i could encapsulate every moment and express the inspiration that comes to me at every point of the day, I would spend much of my time simply studying inspiration as it comes instead of truly experiencing it. Yet at times I want to share and take note of a simple imageo I find or a place I visit that inspires me, so this is were Mon Journal Et Moi comes in. A blog that is really an extension of Et moi, a journal for me to quickly post a picture or a comment that inspires me through out the day from my phone or tablet whilst I’m out.

Until next time darlings…

Fleur de saison

As traffic thunders by on the streets and people in a dream rush to their next destination life can be become a haze of city fumes. For life is long, yet goes so fast in the daze of our reality.
As change rushes towards you, like a train does a station you begin to wonder, am I going to climb aboard?
Today outside the sky is grey, flirting the chance of showers, the crisp air engulfing all around.

Words sometimes escape me, I can sit for hours in front of a keyboard or a notebook and be lost for words and things to say, despite stories, memories and ideas buzzing around my cluttered mind.
I could sit here and write to you about what is in, who is hot and other mindless dribble that is hand fed to us on a daily basis, or I could tell the truth.

As time ticks away, every second at a time, another moment is lost. Wasted time should be a sin. For there is not a moment were we cannot be inspired, cannot feel and cannot see beauty. With the endless list of things we ‘need’ to do and ‘need’ to buy it is easy to feel lost and a little confused. Take a moment out for you, be truly selfish, and nourish yourself. Whether this is simply taking a stroll down to the art gallery or indulging in something delicious. Embrace what it is to be you, in all your quirkiness, ugliness and beauty. Before you can help others you have to help yourself.

Remember ma chérie (mon cheri) to feel truly beautiful is one of the most coveted beauty secrets, simple sounding and at times painfully difficult.
Until next time darlings…