The Melody of Life

Soft sun kisses my cheek as a breeze whispers to my face, a vast mountain range scrolls in front of me. In the humid air cicadas sing and my soul hovers and waits, to see what the day will bring. Their melody of life collides with the song of birds, it seduces the air.

As thoughts sway my emotions and the tides of memories arise, there are so many things I want to say to you. About pain and tears, the smiles shared, the last memory I have stepping across cobblestone steps, ,about truth and lies, a love that is rich and ripens like good wine over time, or simply the beauty of life. Yet writing of the beauty of life would do it no justice, as there are no words to truly describe its essence, wonder and pure magnitude of its beauty. No, these things are only felt.

In my wake footprints lye, what remains of what has past and where I have been. The journey I travel and what I feel, the lyric of my essence. It slumbers in my heart, yet when it awakes consumes and engulfs my being.

“Candles flicker against the white walls, she parts her red lips as a smile enchants her face. In the dim light her dark eyes glimmer…”

Wanderlust lurks in me. It’s the trail of petals leading to my departure, the wind which whispers to my heart and face, promising of lessons and growth. I sigh as it strangles my life, in its beautiful grip. A journey is not simply getting from A to B in a physical sense, yet in a mental sense too. Until we understand the tides of our own emotions, we will not understand life itself.

•Coconut Ice-cream; when the warmer months arrive, I do nothing but crave for coconut ice-cream. I’m not too sure why or what entices me so much, yet coconut ice-cream seduces my mind and senses with its intoxicating aroma, flavour and texture.

• Sangria; with its rich colour, it lures your imagination. Bringing friends around a table to enjoy, among good food and music.

• Colour; it is the creator of much beauty and wonder. It can express such varied emotions and symbolism for the unknown.

•Silence; it is not until we feel the overwhelming surge of noise, mental and physical, that we can truly appreciate silence. Silence in its true being, the silence of the mind. To get there though, is a journey in itself and you needn’t even take a step.

•Eyes; the window to the soul as some say, their expression of sensuality and beauty, pain and sorrow.

Until Next time my Darlings..


11 thoughts on “The Melody of Life

  1. I knew you were something special first time I saw you. I love what you’ve written. Your thoughts of life’s beauty and charm. Thank you so much.

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