Distant Lands

My clothes cling to my body in the blistering heat; music plays a tap drips, birds sing of life as a butterfly flutters next to a sea of flowers. Seconds pass, many days go by in the endless sky, yet memories stay and sway our emotions, as we are reminded how fragile we are.

As my heels tap against wooden floorboards, I am welcomed by a beautiful, nostalgic scent, of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Clothes line one wall as their colours collide and contrast against the bare white canvas, on the other side a wall of mirrors showcases an array of alluring shoes and a divine range of accessories from bags to necklaces. The shop is an exotic get-a-way from the sweltering city streets of exhausted commuters.

If there are two things I crave for in summer that is coconut ice-cream and light dresses that can take me through balmy mornings, humid afternoons and steamy nights. Camilla can take care of the latter to a tee (I know how to and where to take care of the coconut ice-cream part)

With kaftans and harem pants, to maxis, minis, robes and playful playsuits, every cut is ‘made with love’. The parade of designs to choose from can be quite amazing and the time that must go into each is considerable. Now the colours really are a feast for the eye, a pure piece of art in the bustling city where grey can be a tyrant for some.

‘Labyrinth’ spring/summer 11/12 collection, invites us to an adventure in morocco, an exotic beach, maybe even a hike though the amazon to discover treasures. The beauty of this collection? It can take you wherever you want.

With prints and patterns that splash turquoise with Bengal Tigers, where sequins dazzle in teal, citrus and magenta, and vivid greens harmoniously live with daring oranges, Labyrinth is a collection to see (and fall for).

Camilla takes colours and prints to a new height of beauty, each piece promises an adventure like no other. Oh i’m so happy the warm weather is here, hello coconut ice-cream.

-You need not worry either; there is a stockist practically wherever you are. Yet the stores in Paddington and Mosman or the beach house in Bondi really is a must see when you are travelling to Sydney.

Until next time my darlings…


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