The wind whispers…

A soft breeze blows, engulfing the thick air, sun sets casting a vivid pink light across the deep blue sky. The thick air is warm and people scatter throughout the streets like ants, carrying out a function and reason unknown to them, simply being driven by instinct, ego and want. City lights sparkle and the buildings reach high, skimming the dark sky.

I wait for a bus at the crowded bus stop; people avoid eye contact as they pass by. Finally the bus arrives, it is cramped and all the seats are full, people stand uncomfortably in the isle. I look around, there is one seat free, a seat by a man, and he is homeless. I walk over and place myself beside him, people stair slightly alarmed. The smell of sweat and dirt consumed the small space, and I doubt he had showered in months. Yet as he gazed up at me, he himself slightly surprised by my choice, his eyes fixated upon mine. I felt at ease and felt comfortable with him, as if I had known him. Not a sound stirred on the long journey home and at last I reached my stop. The air hit me as I left the bus and the wind whispered to my face.

We are no better than someone else. Many people place titles on their standing in the world, their egos driving their existence. Money being the goal post between a rich man and another, despite the wealth of his mental and emotional life and despite the fulfilment he feels. Many people are like ants, their meaning unknown to them and simple wants and needs pulling them along the path of life.

The sky is now a sea of black ink, a full moon guides the path and the air now crisp. Starlight shimmers as streetlamps glimmer and a cat runs across the road.

♦ Fabrics; feather like cashmere, flowing silks, fabric is an indulgence of the senses.
♦ Handmade Chocolates; I need no excuse to enjoy chocolate, almost to lovely looking to eat, handmade chocolate from Chocolatiers is simply delicious.
♦ Lipstick; there is something so romantic the way lipstick kisses the lips, in rich red or rose, lipstick is a ladies best tool (despite her natural selection, from charm to wit)
♦ A good book; For me a book is not an escape, yet can be used as an awakening of the world, intelligence is always beautiful
♦ Lingerie; a little thing that will always remain on my lists. Lingerie is the epitome of feminine sensuality, beauty and is oh so personal.

Until next time my darlings…

p.s. My blog is currently under a makeover x


12 thoughts on “The wind whispers…

  1. Stunning and marvelous..I adore it..I could visualise it all..and I agree, why not sit by someone, we are all the same no matter what. Love your list, books for me aren’t escapes as such either, but like opening a secret door found under vines overgrown beckoning me in to come and discover new awakenings that add to my world and teach me new things and intelligence is beautiful! Have a wonderful day sweetheart!! xoxo

  2. Stunning photos – the first one is incredible for the contrast used and I love the turquoise in the last. I agree that we are all alike and people make assumptions based on exterior values. A real shame, when impeccable looks can be deceiving too.

  3. your writing and these photos definitely make me want to curl up with a good book. i just read 4 books in 2 weeks (the hunger games trilogy & the help — all really great).

    can’t wait for your blog makeover!

  4. great post, soo moving-=) Love the busy story…actually i’m guessing it really happened right? Yes, i think we are all equals so bravo to that!!!

    I agree with you, i love chocolate and lingerie too, can’t go wrong with these two!!!

    Have a great weekend and excited to see your blog make over!


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