Rose Petal.

“Cold coffee sits beside me, a soft breeze blows through open windows, flirting with silk drapes. They sway gracefully in rhythm as birds sing of life, cars thunder past. Spring is here, a new season comes as another leaves, bare trees bloom.”

Nothing is at it seems, surface delusions smother reality. Inspiration is everywhere, yet, at times our own thoughts and mind cages us, our own negativity blinds us. I once wrote in a little diary many years ago, “Everything begins and ends at the exact right time and place”, and to this day I still stand by these words, the essence of this sentence. In my last post I wrote of appreciating life in its true state, and it’s through appreciation we learn to accept the changes of life and the detours it takes us.

I have seen cities sparkle like diamonds against black velvet skies, the sunrise over Europe and vast deserts that stretch across the Middle East. I know a life of no home, a life where all my belongings fit in a suitcase, this journey started many years ago. I have learnt a couples things; one of them being, no matter how far you travel, no matter where you escape to, until you beat your own demons, until you understand yourself, none of this life will make sense.

Until next time my darlings..


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