Le Sac Des Filles

Rains pours down from cloud filled skies, as it threatens a storm cars thunder by. People rush past in the bustling city streets as the rain hits the windows as a tear does a cheek. I sip a tea whilst music seduces the room, is there anything more warming than watching a cold day go by while sipping tea? I think not.

Time ticks by so fast in the greying sky as one stumbles down the path of life, and words seem to have escaped me as i try and turn them into meaning. It is not as though I have lacke inspiration, yet I spent much time in experiencing these fleeting emotions than studying them and the whole process has been quite theraptic.


Heels tapped against stone steps as I walked into the icy streets on the search for inspiration. Now lately (despite a very, very, very…. did I say very? empty purse) I have beeen on the search for something perfect, a perfect colour. Now colour is such an intimate thing, i do realise my perfect may be your worst nightmare.

Colour enchants our imagination, and more than anything else, I feel colour can mean something very different to every person that sets their eyes upon it. As a paintbrush kisses a canvas, colour promises to captivate and pull in its audience. Just as in art, colour can add a touch of je ne sais quoi to an outfit, chic all black ensembles can be contradicted by a pair of alluring red stilettoes or a statement peice. It can clash and create a masterpiece, a palet for the eyes to feast upon, whether blocking bright bold colours or soft delicate tones, colour brings life.

So what is my perfect colour? A soft rose pink, a dusty tone, yet at times a vibrant rich red, though as a staple I seem to always drift back to rose petal pinks. Flowers in nature give birth to an array of pure and beautiful tones, whether you favour a statement yellow or a delicate cream, nature can provide.

Colour is an ever present ingredient to inspiration, yet it is not much that we see colour as a whole and not simply as an ingredient that create. As i have said before, surround yourself in that which inspires you, whether that be a wall of teal blue, or gorgeous shoes in lilac, colour creates a canvas to build upon.

• Mochas, I am a huge coffee addict, whether I make it at home or buy it at a cafe. I also spend many beautiful (not to mention amusing) afternoons sipping mochas with my lovelies
• Wild flower bouquets particularly lavender as they add such a delicate and oh so subtle femininity to any home, plus a relaxing arouma.
• Sequined dresses from Museum(more on this in a later installment!)
• Red lips, a classic need I say more?
• Spring is approaching here and despite the cold weather creeping back, I simply cannot wait for lazy spring time afternoons.
• Spending cozy nights and days home, relaxing, going for little walks to cafes, taking pleasure in the little things and simply being.
• Snuggly, beautiful woolen scarfs and jumpers from Valerie Tolosa . The scarfs are gorgeous and long, a perfect colour of cream, and oh so feminine, teamed with the black jumpers which are long enough to be a thigh skimming dress, j’adore.

Until next time my darlings…


16 thoughts on “Le Sac Des Filles

  1. I agree that colors are so personal and also inspiring. Of course nothing is prettier than colorful macarons 😉 I do find myself preferring bold accent colors rather than wearing them head to toe, but for softer shades, anything goes. Hope you’re having a lovely week so far!

  2. Yes we must talk!! I’ve been so busy lately (I jumped from getting home from Korea to vacation to farewell get togethers with my friends at home before going back to college this Friday!!). But we will, soon ^^!

    Also I agree with your idea of color. It really is such a personal matter, one that many do not necessarily think about. Mine is similar to yours; I call it ballet pink– it is this light pink color that is both delicate and wholly feminine and elegant.

    Also my poor purse is so woefully empty, I can’t even look at it properly anymore.

  3. Lovely post!!!!! So poetic and romantic,hehehe. Hmmmmmmmm..not sure what my fave color is but i guess it would be hot pink and turquoise/light blue-ish?????? lol

    Love that lace outfit, so sexy!!!!!!!! and yummmy macarons………i want i want!!!=D


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