Ce Jeu

Blossoms bloom under the soft spring sun, birds sing to their loves as a light breeze playfully flirts with my dress. People chatter in the cafe courtyard, cutlery clatters, the rich smell of coffee lingers in the air. A child plays by the fountain and squeals with delight, trees bathe on the sundrenched patio. Spring time is here, a new season, new memories and new delights. A fresh page.

Lately I have been rather mixed, clutter in thoughts. Words escaped me as i was left clueless one what to possibly write and say. Yet with the new season, I feel a fresh wave of inspiration in the beauty of spring.

Perfume can be a snapshot in time, it can carry a memory and can be the person you cherish. It lingers long after the lady has gone, an enchanring reminder a feminine seduction. I constantly search for new scents that bring emotion, that have a life of their own… Perfume can be a love affair, a spontanious fling or a marriage, your signature. The search of finding that perfect perfume, even for a fleeting emotion, can be so long, oh so personal and ever so enjoyable…

Jimmy choo: “its much like flowerbomb” interrupted the (delusional) man at the perfume counter as i eyed the bottle of jimmy choo. Oui, maybe in looks, ever so slightly, yet I love the flowerbomb bottle, so it couldn’t possibly be a bad thing. Yet in smell, I protest. Quite less floral in scent (more fruity) than flowrbomb, jimmy choo is sensual, discreet yet attention grabbing and a strongly feminine scent. Its boudoir ready packaging lured me in and the sweet yet spicy scent kept me staying for more.

Top notes; modern chypre fruity, with green top notes, tiger orchid, sweet toffee caramel and Indonesian patchouli.

‘Fan di’ Fendi; Firstly, the bottle is a statment of golden luxury, embellished with the Fendi logo and a stopper of black and gold (with fendi printed upon) it truly is what you would expect from a fashion house such as Fendi. What makes Fan di even better?… The gorgeous, seductive and floral scent that sleeps inside. It’s staying power is quite effective, as I have been wearing it since this morning (it is now almost 6pm) and the scent still flutters around me. Sopisticated and elegant, yet it plays to the most girlish of fantasies.

Top notes; Pear, blackcurrant, Calabrian mandarin, pink pepper from Reunion, rose from Damascus, yellow jasmine, soft leather accents and Indonesian patchouli.

‘Daisy Eau so fresh’ Marc Jacobs; With a whimsical lid of daisies and a tall, elegant bottle and a beautiful campaign. Daisy eau so fresh is my ultimate boudoir decoration. Whilst the scent is gorgeous, floral (obviously) and feminine its more so the bottle that stands out to me. Despite the lovely scent, which is truly lovely, it doesnt wonder to far from the original. Laid back and feminine, it is easy to love, with a stunning bottle, j’adore.

Top notes; grapefruit, green notes, raspberry and pear; middle notes are jasmine, rose, violet, litchi and apple blossom; base notes are musk, virginia cedar and plum.

A short yet sweet post, for a beautiful lazy spring day, spent sipping coffee with a ticking mind.
Listening to: Feeling Good, Michael buble. (New idea, every post I will put the song I am currently listening to)

Until next time my darlings.


10 thoughts on “Ce Jeu

  1. A short yet sweet post, for a beautiful lazy spring day, spent sipping 4 CUPS of coffee with a ticking mind. .. you meant !!

    i heart Daisy Jacob !!!
    seee you on fridayyyy !!!! woooo

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