Rain falls drowning the streets, hitting the windows as a tear does a cheek. The distant murmur of the city is heard, as heavy drops strike the cobble stone paths. The sun does not shine in the bleak sky, as the grey abyss stretches far; a crisp breeze caresses the blossoms, as they delicately sway. Inside incense casts its spell throughout the rooms and the silent morning is broken as music drifts by. Wild flowers sit in a vase next to a candle, it flickers against the wall. In the kitchen a tap is dripping whilst perfume enchants its way through the hall.

Days go by quickly in the greying sky; tomorrow will not be like today… Change is the only constant and the ticking of time never changes. Lately life has been rather slow, yet oh so busy; I have been walking the fine line between ease and chaos, internally and externally. Seasons pass and blossoms are born. Time to turn a new page.

Taking a stroll down Paddington, it’s hard to miss Valerie Tolosa. Standing out in Paddington is not an easy task either, with its eclectic mix of cafes, designers and weekly markets, yet with a shopfront that will enchant any beating heart, Valerie Tolosa does just that; with a balcony decorated in a floral arrangement (bottom and top floor) and well-dressed tailor mannequins… I don’t blame tourists for taking photos.

As you step in, heels tap the wooden floorboards, a delicious scent engulfs you. A boudoir, filled with gorgeous clothes, shoes and accessories, inviting you in to a fantasy of feminine flirts and delicate details. Shoes line the floor, necklaces climb up walls and clothes hang gracefully in slumber. A true little hideaway in the bustling city streets.

It’s hard to find something I do not yearn for, as my eyes gaze the racks. From a little sequined number to a fresh take on a LBD, I am utterly spoilt for eye candy. Valerie Tolosa not only stocks her own designs, she also stocks gorgeous shoes that will make you drool. If you finally manage to pick something, a gorgeous sales assistant will help you on your way

Rain now pours from the sky, thundering and deafening. I turn music louder, as I sip a coffee in the dimly lit room. As the hours rush by, traffic rumbles past and people hurry.

– “Do not quench your inspiration and imagination” To appreciate, be more conscious and take in all the beauty there is on offer are some of the hardest skills to develop, yet are the most rewarding.
– Surround yourself with things you find inspiring, be it ribbons and lace or petals and people. Once you find something you love, pursue it.
– No matter the weather, dress well and wear something you feel good in.
– Sit at a café and people watch. It is one of the cheapest forms of therapy and a sure way to be inspired.
– Scribble in a notebook your feelings at a precise second. That second will never come again.
– Take photos of things you find along your path, store them somewhere, be it a computer or scrap book.
– Never let yourself be drowned in that sea of emotions, learn to swim.
– Start something that you have been meaning to do, today is better than any other day.
– Do not battle against life, let yourself be swept along.
– Smile, you’re beautiful.

Until Next time darlings…


15 thoughts on “L’amoureuse

  1. So beautiful. I keep forgetting it’s winter where you are! I hope the weather improves as does your line between ease and chaos.

    Oh, and that store is beyond beautiful

  2. What can i say? Simply beautifully written…..i feel sooo smitten by your words, hehehe.

    Love your list of how to seize the day, esp the “Never let yourself be drowned in that sea of emotions, learn to swim”. I’m currently trying to deal with this toughy myself and im hoping everything will be just fine in time. I guess we all learn as we go thru life eh? Hope all things are going good in your life, whether u take it slow or fast 😉

    and i adore that Valerie Tolosa shop, it looks so cosy!!! lovely details to those sequins of the dress that you zoomed up to.


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