Petite Update

A dark shadow engulfed the room as the sun set, casting its light through open windows. The city hums whilst traffic thunders by, bare trees sway gracefully in winters breath.. The violent sky threatens rain as people hurry past, heels tap against cobble stone paths. A car horn beeps, people chatter, I sip a coffee as cutlery clatters. Past me stumbles an old man, asking for smokes, in the distance a man laughs comically. A lady begs for money with a dog in a pram, someone gives her money; the coin hits the tin can.

People appear to be rather busy, rushing by always off to somewhere of great importance. Quite often they are going nowhere, they are simply stuck in time, a fast paced beat, a daze of reality. As a man hurries past in the crowded city streets, autumn’s leaves flutters down from trees, a waiter drops a plate and a child screams. It’s amazing how much some people miss.

The weekend is finally here, which means café visits and lazy afternoons. Until next time my darlings…


10 thoughts on “Petite Update

    • Thanks Jess ^_^ So many grammar mistakes i just realised (will fix it now) was such a rush of a post last night, really wanted to write though as I had heaps of inspiration and didn’t want to loose it to sleep!

      Will see you soon xox

      • LOL POOOP !!
        soo im waiting for your new bloggggg againn !!
        stop being lazy and update now !!!

        sitting here waiting for your new blog haha
        craving for a good moccha with a good book poop:)

  1. Lovely post! It’s so important to just stop sometimes and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, otherwise those moments just completely go by you. So tempted to run a nice warm bath now! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend my dear 🙂
    You can now also follow Haute World on Twitter @haute_world. Hope to see you there!

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