Trees sway gracefully, whilst children squeal with delight, the murmur of the city can be heard in the distance and lazy blossoms slumber in the soft afternoon sun. A lady walks by, her heels tapping against the cobble stone path, a single car thunders past. Music floats through the room, out the open doors and windows, my perfume (Miss Dior Cherie) flutters beside me as a dragonfly does a pond.

A lazy afternoon, spent running little errands, sipping coffees and remembering life, despite the hardships and stress, is truly beautiful and oh so confusing.

Beautiful packaging is one of those things for me, a fetish, or a love you may say. Whether it be beautiful papers, ribbons and bows or a cleverly designed box, it will surely wrap me in its beauty.
When you couple that with a product to match, you have me sold. For me half the selling is done through packaging, if not more.
Which is precisely the reason Mor is one of those little luxuries for me, taking you from the sometimes dull world we live in and placing you in a feminine dream full of boudoir ready products.

From their vast range of products its hard to find a favourite, from gorgeous lip macarons (lip balm) to hand creams and body oil, perfume to body butter and candles, you will be spoilt for choice. Here is a little look at my most coveted items;

•Body Butter; Creamy, luxurious and absolutely delicious, the way body butter should be. Packaged exquisitely teamed with a little bow to tie things up, it is the perfect decoration for any boudoir dressing table. Only thing left to do is decide which scent i want! Candied Vanilla almond or black cherry plum, anyone?
•Candles; This divine range of candles will compliment any sophisticated space, and turn your home into a luxuriously relaxing hide away. Candles flickering against a wall is one those little lives pleasures, ‘travel on a sensory journey’.
•Perfume Oil; I never leave the house without a spritz of perfume, with these gorgeous, petite perfume oils it is easy to carry it around in even the smallest of bags. These uniquely feminine fragrances rejuvenate and stimulate senses, and are simply gorgeous.
•Soap; It is simply so beautiful you would never want to use it, until the wonder of how it feels lures you in. Packaged (like everything else) magnificently and completely edible, Mor soap really is a sight to see.. and smell.

I could scribble on about their vast range of gorgeous and oh so feminine products, although it will be a long post and I really advise you to check out their website to see for yourself the pure devine-ness (is that a word?) of it all.

The sun is now setting and birds sing of love and life, I sip a coffee and glance at the mirror opposite… There is something quite romantic in taking time out for yourself, to indulge yourself. Even the simple task of applying make up should be treasured, the beautiful pinks of powdered blush, the deep, ink black of eye liner. Take the time to run a bath, light some candles and let soft music play. Treasure and pamper yourself, and please remember what a beautiful, sexy woman you are, naturally. For I do feel in today’s world, many have forgotten what true femininity and sexuality is (and I am not talking body shape). Never feel embarrassed to indulge yourself..


Until Next time darlings…
(which i promise wont be as long as last time)


11 thoughts on “L’excessive

  1. I lovee this post! It seems soo peaceful and you put my mind at ease, ahhhhh…the simplest things in life are surely those that we seem to forget almost all too often!

    You’re writing is exquisite and sooo poetic! i love it!

    Btw, i never heard of the brand MOR, where is it from? hahahaha, i couldn’t agree more when you said that the half of the selling is done thru the packaging, i always tend to fall for nice and pretty packagings!!!

    have a nice day and hope to see u back real soon:D


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