Un, Duex, Trois…

“Cathedral bells chimed and the city hummed whilst cars thundered by, a crisp breeze danced with leaves as my heels tapped against the cobble stone path. Perfume fluttered around me as a dragonfly does a pond and the smell of freshly baked bread wondered from patisserie. A bed of white flowers gracefully swayed as they bathed in the morning sun, I simply cannot see the point of wasting a day like this.”

I pulled open the glass door that towered above me, and was welcomed by the murmurs of conversation and an excited child scream, rich coffee lingered in the air. A gracious waiter welcomed us, and luckily we were seated rather quickly despite the business. Brasserie Bread is an Australian based, award winning patisserie that specialisizes in Artisan breads, pasteries and cakes (which is perfect for the sweet toothed carb lover like me). The Café itself is located in a classic industrial warehouse with a wall of towering glass windows.

Once we were seated at a large wooden table, we now had an enormous task on our hands, with an extensive range of yummy cakes, generously portioned breakfasts and delicious coffees, what were we going to have first?

Their signature Sourdough Pancakes with Stewed berries and honeycomb cream was my selection for breakfast. The sourdough pancakes were light and airy, not quite crepes and certainly not thick american styled packes, they were quite perfect. Brilliant pinks covered my plate contradicting the honeycomb cream, resulting in a very delcious peice of edible art.Followed by a mocha, which was lovely and creamy (though the second one was rather bitter with little chocolate). We also had some cakes to finish with; raspberry and pistachio friands, (an amazing) chocolate brownie and a orange and walnut friand… which were all simply to die for.

Over all, if you have a love for all things carbs and sweet related, it’s definatley worth the stop! I will be coming back plenty more times, to try out the rest of their their extensive range! ★★★☆☆ (3/5)

The night now is calm, above the sky is a vast canvas of black ink and the moon seems so far away. Lately I have been on a search, a search that has made me a woman possesed and obsessed with finding the Perfect pair of shoes. The usual search for such a lady as myself, when it comes to material possessions that is. Whilst I am aware that perfection does not exist, and imperfection is truly perfection, for this little search that mind set will simply not do.

Shoes; Whilst my eyes carefully prowl the line up of beauties before my eyes, I am immediately drawn to a pair of light blue heels, bows up the front with stunning straps across. I slide my foot into one, though just as I do my eyes focus on gorgeous black suede boots, knee high with a lovely heel… “Could I also try those one” I ask the sales assistant as she gives me that ‘I understand your pain’ smile. After leaving the shop feeling rather unsatisfied I stumbled across another gorgeous selection of equally gorgeous shoes. Pinks, lilacs and reds lure me in and the promise of my girlish fantasy being completed brings complete joy to my heart (oh how vapid i can be). After another half hour of wonder I leave yet again, the choices being truly overwhelming to my hungry stomach. My search continues…

Until next time my darlings…


8 thoughts on “Un, Duex, Trois…

  1. Such a lovely post. I’ll have to check out Brasserie Bread whenever I manage to go to Australia! It sounds delicious and so lovely (minus the noisy atmosphere).

    And I know exactly how you feel! I’ve been on the hunt as well. I’m insanely stingy too, so that doesn’t help. But I did find a pair of mustard yellow wedges that I’m quite happy about. Korea has an amazing shoe collection!

  2. Oh, the patisserie looks absolutely divine! A shame about the loudness and the coffee, but perhaps that’s a place you go to take out a few delicacies to eat at home. Good luck on your search for the perfect pair of shoes! I know how difficult that can be…

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