Oui, je suis…

Incense casts its spell in the dimly lit bedroom, lanterns hang above the bed and a soft breeze blows through the open window, silk curtains dance while music softly plays. The night is cold and rain falls from the clouds, the sky is but a vast canvas of black ink and tonight the moon seems so far away.

Since I last wrote to you my life has been a daze of reality and dreams, losing my feet and stumbling, then finding my balance again. Time seems to have escaped my reality, as sleepless nights welcome sleepless days,life sometimes seems like a blur of colours,sounds and shadows.

I sip peppermint tea, the honey infused aroma drifts under my nose. I do feel that many people are like shadows, drifting into your life on their journey, showing you but an outline of their true self. For they too are searching and they too are unclear and often confused. The funny thing about shadows is when you see them clearer they often disappear,and darken into the backdrop of life.

We are all on a journey to find our essence, while at times it seems to be oh so important to connect with another, often the most fulfilling connection is the one with yourself. I sit alone, sipping my tea and listen to my boyfriend talk on the phone, I turn my music up and gaze through the French doors opposite me into the dark night, reconnecting with oneself can sometimes feel like searching for a diamond deep underground. The path of life often takes you down back alleys and winding roads, from which you gain (or I prefer to say) reconnect with the self that was already there, just lost.

Lingerie; The ultimate statement of femininity. Who said it needs to be for a special occasion, or a special someone? Walking around the house in silk panties, slipping a cashmere jumper over a soft, pink bra… J’adore.
Notebooks; A beautiful notebook catches my eye and ignites my imagination. There is something so romantic about taking time out, to yourself and scribble down your thoughts.
Teacups; I must admit, I collect teacups. Vintage ones, beautiful china ones with matching saucers…. I simply love them, not to mention my fetish for peppermint tea with honey.
Candles; The flickering candle light as it dances across the wall is oh so relaxing.
Cakes&Chocolate; Need I really say anymore…?
Petals; ‘Flowers are loves truest language’. Petals are something I gain buckets full of inspiration from, roses in particular. Nature produces the most stunning, rich colours. I always make sure I have fresh flowers in the house.
Art; No moment is more filled with oppertunities the moment a paintbrush hits a canvas.
Scrapbooks; I collect all things inspiring to me, they can be found through out my house. Scrapbooks have always and forever will be, my favourite way of storing photographs and pictures that inspire me.
Architecture; Beautiful, classic and historical buildings to be more precise.

Life; To be honest my list could go on. Life is truly the most inspirational thing of all, as it gives us limitless inspiration everywhere we look through the emotions and the journey, all the smiles and tears. Remember ma chérie (Mon chéri) there is no ugly without beauty, and no beauty without ugly.

Until next time my darlings


9 thoughts on “Oui, je suis…

  1. Your thoughts on notebooks is inspiring – and so true! I agree that the appearance of a beautiful notebook in one’s life is perfect for bringing dreams to the forefront! 🙂

  2. A toned down & soothing post for busy working women like me.. i respect the privacy and the little things to appreciate in life. i was down with sickness these last three days and began to wonder why. i probably know why now… Thanks for this inspiration.. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous post yet again. I love how soothing your writing is.
    And I’ve fallen in love with candles this past year. I love how they transform a room with just their scent.

  4. Beautiful post! I love your inspiration list and I so agree. I think inspiration can be anywhere you cast your eye upon. So many people miss it though, because they forget to stop and enjoy the view now and again.

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