J’en Connais ..

I sat next too an ice rink as a young girl practiced ice skating, she wore a red tulle skirt that danced around her as she gracefully tumbled and got back up. Her black leotard tied around her tiny waist by a pink bow, she giggled as she folowed her instructor tip toeing on the ice.

A crisp breze blows through the open window and the suns last light pours in, white, silk drapes gently sway while the music plays. As seasons pass, memories stir, the winters breath reminds me of so much. Walking down cobble stone paths, as the frozen wind burns my skin, clutching firmly a coffee,with feelings engulfing me. It feels like a lifetime ago, different people and a different country, I can’t believe it was only last year. One thing that hasnt changed however is my overflowing feelings engulfing me, that is my constant. (Which I certainly don’t view as a negative)

Times change and time changes people, it is inevitable. As I sit missing times, that while experiencing them i wished gone, I realise every moment is perfect. Every ounce of pain, of laughter, of beauty and ugliness, is perfect.

My late grandmother is an inspiration, to the very last moment that breast cancer gripped her she remained, elegant, imaginative, artistic and above all honest to herself. I experienced her pain as her hands refused to let her grip a paintbrush, the way her petite body bloated and above all the way her beautiful blond hair fell. She was was one of the ladies whom inspired me with elegance and true femininity.
Money can not buy class and a person is either naturally elegant or not. Elegance cannot be sold or bought.
Elegance is not simply the way someone dresses, it is the way they walk, the way ones lives and holds themselves and the books one read. I am not American and find the ‘American’ view of beauty quite vulgar in all its ‘perfection’, simply go on a tumblr page (many of them anyway) and behold an array of plastic.
Above all the message I recieved from my grandmother was, be true to yourself. Others will follow if they want to. I spent many summers and springs catching frogs by her pond as she watched me, drew me and enjoyed the frogs, I spent many winters and autumns watching the pond become frozen and hoping a frog may jump up for my enjoyment. Much of me, was found in that garden, catching frogs and naming them, picking raspberries and eating them, my essence if you like.

I believe that for a woman elegance and staying true to your essence comes hand in hand, it is what creates true femininity.

◆Feel beautiful.
◆Makeup is there to enhance your beauty, look after your skin and keep things minimal. Focus on either your eyes or lips, and please, find a foundation that suits you if you choose to wear it.
◆Look after yourself, indulge yourself and appreciate yourself.
◆Eat Good food

If i could encapsulate every moment and express the inspiration that comes to me at every point of the day, I would spend much of my time simply studying inspiration as it comes instead of truly experiencing it. Yet at times I want to share and take note of a simple imageo I find or a place I visit that inspires me, so this is were Mon Journal Et Moi comes in. A blog that is really an extension of Et moi, a journal for me to quickly post a picture or a comment that inspires me through out the day from my phone or tablet whilst I’m out.

Until next time darlings…


8 thoughts on “J’en Connais ..

  1. Wonderful post! I so agree with your description of elegance and the American beauty idea, which is something I’ve never understood either. I love the way the French focus more on the beauty of imperfection than being completely groomed and artificial.

  2. You have the most stunningly gorgeous pictures here…it’s like falling into a fantasy! Gorgeous, my dear! So glad you visited so I could find you! (c: Happy Monday!

  3. I truly love reading your writing, it’s such a pleasure! Your grandmother sounds like such a inspiring person and I wish I have someone like that to give me advice! Thank you for the wonderful tips on everyday beauty and elegance! xoxoxoxo

  4. Simple life inspiration, beauty at it’s most natural way. Yes, i do agree without on the being true to yourself. Most people these days survive the beauty of plastic surgeries yet don’t feel beautiful and complete. This is against God’s nature and what God has preserved and made us to be. i love your grandmother’s statement, wise as her.. This is such a wonderful post and it brings out realization of true beauty, be who you are… Thank you!

  5. Ah such lovely writing as always. I do hope you stay in the blogging world for a long while this time. I do have to say, in defense of America, while we still have a very plastic image of beauty, we are starting to change. Modeling for one is more about an interesting look, rather than perfection. And one of my favorite magazines, Glamour, is always stressing loving your own beauty, etc.

    Ah and I love the tips. Such perfect, simple tips!

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