Fleur de saison

As traffic thunders by on the streets and people in a dream rush to their next destination life can be become a haze of city fumes. For life is long, yet goes so fast in the daze of our reality.
As change rushes towards you, like a train does a station you begin to wonder, am I going to climb aboard?
Today outside the sky is grey, flirting the chance of showers, the crisp air engulfing all around.

Words sometimes escape me, I can sit for hours in front of a keyboard or a notebook and be lost for words and things to say, despite stories, memories and ideas buzzing around my cluttered mind.
I could sit here and write to you about what is in, who is hot and other mindless dribble that is hand fed to us on a daily basis, or I could tell the truth.

As time ticks away, every second at a time, another moment is lost. Wasted time should be a sin. For there is not a moment were we cannot be inspired, cannot feel and cannot see beauty. With the endless list of things we ‘need’ to do and ‘need’ to buy it is easy to feel lost and a little confused. Take a moment out for you, be truly selfish, and nourish yourself. Whether this is simply taking a stroll down to the art gallery or indulging in something delicious. Embrace what it is to be you, in all your quirkiness, ugliness and beauty. Before you can help others you have to help yourself.

Remember ma chérie (mon cheri) to feel truly beautiful is one of the most coveted beauty secrets, simple sounding and at times painfully difficult.
Until next time darlings…


6 thoughts on “Fleur de saison

  1. Love this post and I couldn’t agree more. Wasted moments shouldn’t happen. The self-pampering idea is fantastic… I think I’ll do just that! Hope you had a wonderful weekend 🙂

  2. Very well-spoken Toni! I completely agree that we should spend our time wisely and make sure we’re working towards our goals instead of paying attention to other mindless news or celebrity gossip. I love your comment by the way! Blogging is a lot like highschool and I feel that the most important thing is to be true to yourself under any circumstance. xoxoxoo

  3. What a lovely site and your writing style is amazing, a little bit dreamy and yet very real:-)Thanks for stopping by my site and loving my velvet dress, I need any little boost I can get just to know I am heading in the right directions..Big Hugs and love to see you back!!xx v

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