Somewhere between the pond and the forest..


Autumns breath blows through the window and traffic thunders by on the street below, a crisp evening begins as the suns last light pours through the room. Rustling leaves and the faint murmur of the city can be heard as I look at the keyboard in front of me. “Finally” I think to myself, it has been a while since I have put ink to paper or finger to keyboard. (It’s not as though I have lacked inspiration, notebooks are scattered around my room filled with drawings, words and pictures.)

This isn’t the first time I write to you, although this is a new blog, for a new beginning and a new chapter. Though I will re acquaint myself as time goes so fast and the mind can forget.

Favourite Smell; Spring
Favourite Sound; Yann Tiersen
Favourite to your sense of touch; Frogs&Petals
Favourite Flower; Wild Roses
Favourite Bird; Swan
A diary of style, art, food, thoughts, inspiration.
Until Next Time my darlings

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